Friday, July 5, 2013

Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean 4.2.2 Update

anobackwtmk-580x456Samsung and Verizon Wireless are pleased to announce a new software update, JDQ39 I515.10 FK01 / I515.FK02, for your Galaxy Nexus™ by Samsung. This update includes an upgrade to the Android Operating System 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean)
Verizon Wireless and Samsung encourage you to take advantage of this upgrade.
Note: The update is available using Wi-Fi OTA. You must be connected to a Wi-fi network to continue the upgrade process.

To help you with the mandatory system update for your device, this page contains the following information:

  • System Update Instructions
  • Wi-Fi OTA (Over The Air) Programming
  • System Update while You Are Roaming

Upgrade information

  • System update size – approximately 88.8 MB
  • Estimated software download time – approximately 5-7 minutes
  • Estimated software update time – approximately 5-7 minutes
NOTE: You will be unable to use your phone while it is upgrading.
This week we’re seeing the last of the iterations of the so-called Galaxy “Nexus” as it exists on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. The Verizon Galaxy Nexus (made by Samsung, mind you) has since birth been plagued with talk of its mudblood-like software from the carrier as Verizon modified its contents past what Google originally intended – thus besmirching the purity of the Nexus smartphone line. Because of this Verizon-specific build, the Galaxy Nexus is last in line to receive the update to Android 4.2.2 – but here it is, ready for action!
Our good Android Community friend Cory Gunther has taken the time to write up some directions for you 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus users so you’ll have as easy a time as possible updating your smartphones to this new software. For the moment we’ve not seen any super simple OTA (over the air) update coming in from Verizon, we’re still working with a leaked build that appears – for all intents and purposes – to be the real deal. The download comes straight from Google, so you can expect a smooth ride if you know what you’re doing.
Again these directions come from Android Community where you’ll find more directions, tips, and downloads than you can handle for your Android-based devices of all kinds.
Full Install
This zip requires you to be completely stock running the last OTA update, which is Android 4.1.1 (JRO03O). This is not a ROM that can be flashed over other custom ROMs, this is an official OTA update file that needs to be flashed in a custom recovery.
Download Link
1. Download file from above
2. Boot into custom recovery (using CWM or by holding volume up/down and power at same time)
3. Install update zip from SD card
4. Reboot, enjoy more Jelly Beans!
Alternatively if you’re working with a custom ROM and just want to flash a new set of official radios – and you know what that means – you’ll want to follow the instructions below. This set of instructions includes another download, this time not straight through Google – so it’s all at your own risk. That said, modifying your phone in any way at all with the directions above or below is done at your own risk, of course – so know what you’re doing before you do it!Radio Update
Flash the new radios in the custom recovery of your choice. You can flash the new radios over any custom ROM – but as usual I’d do a backup just to be safe. Remember, the CDMA radio takes a lot longer so be patient and it will finish in due time.
Download Link
1. Download file from above
2. Boot into custom recovery (using CWM or by holding volume up/down and power at same time)
3. Install radio zip from SD card
4. Reboot, enjoy more bars! Hopefully
Have a peek at the timeline below for more awesome Galaxy Nexus action and see to it that you check out our massive Android hub for more action into the future


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