Friday, May 31, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 S5830 sukses upgrade ke Android jelly bean 4.1.2

 Initially I was very proud of the jelly bean's features, several advantages are becoming more attractive phones like tablets fiturnya.Bercerita features of Samsung Galaxy Ace is the original operating system is Android Froyo 2.2, but because its owner bored with how it looks then I upgraded to 2.3 gingerbread .6, with a system like this I only use a few months I think it was 2 months longer continue my upgrades ICE Cream Sandwich with Android version 4.0.1, then every few months I upgraded again to ice cream sandwich but also other versions namely 4.1.1, but due to its very simple and I return it back to the old version so I do not sebelumnya.Karena reset hp and was tired of playing without accidentally walk around to google I found information that the Galaxy Ace can be upgraded to the latest Android version jelly bean, then after some reading I was less interested despite his looks cool namunKamera error.Saya let my hp with the ice cream sandwich version until March 2013.

Because I was bored and also curious about the system jelly bean deh so yesterday I upgraded to a jelly bean with android version 4.1.2, because it was used so I do not fear hpnya mati.Dalam this version is indeed very interesting as there are a few systems that are not owned by previous versions such as magnifying the sound was amazing and the arrangements are very complicated like a tablet, can change the boot animation more easily, setting the model and color signal, clock, the battery logo, just a lot that can be modified, following a screenshot and there is also tuh my SMS conversation with,,,,,,, I am on this version complaints.

But the jelly bean version is only for a day I try karena there are some problems, for some reason probably because there was an error when upgrading or indeed like the look of my ini.Kalau acungin thumb, there are cool anyway but that is awkward.

Open the file manager is very slow
Hang if you make a video recording (not a problem for the photo)
Video in the gallery can not zoom (have to use another application)
Can not run the application handler perfectly (can install but can not open long / force close)
Can not run applications with either photographic (black screen but if in the switch can capture images)
Very slow internet connection using operamini night often does not work at all
This is the most I do not like the frequent reboot / restarted itself.
Another drawback to that I do not know maybe there are many more because I have not checked all the (shellac annoyance). Nah you make hobbies oprek the phone if you want nyoba yes please but if the error as above ya nikmatin wrote, maybe if we are using a custom hahaa.Atau room which jelly bean 4.1.1 no problem I have not tried it, that must be because a very small internal memory so often bermasalah.Saat I return again to the previous version of the ICE cream sandwich 4.0.1 which is more convenient to use though version beta.Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 and RAM internal memory is very small, so my advice if you want a more Selesa buy phones internal memory and RAM so that it was large comfortable used.But foo make test papa does not like my phone was, ckckck.

The jelly bean look that said 4.1.1 no problem


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