Friday, June 7, 2013

Download Wechat Untuk Android APK Gratis

Download Wechat Untuk Android APK Gratis
WeChat merupakan Aplikasi Chating yang bisa digunakan untuk menyampaikan pesan dalam bentuk teks dan juga suara yang dibangun untuk mobile atau smartphone maupun gadget termasuk tablet murah sekalipun bisa menggunakannya. 300 juta orang sudah menggunakannya dan terus bertambah, dan WeChat benar-benar gratis. Instant messaging di saku Anda, dengan chatting kelompok dan smiley. Bicara lebih cepat di mana saja dengan pesan suara dan walkie talkie modus suara yang jernih dan panggilan video. Mengirim foto dan video tidak pernah sesederhana ini. Tidak perlu logout, tidak perlu status online, tidak ada lagi penghalang bagi teman-teman Anda untuk melihat pesan Anda langsung setiap kali mendapat notifikasi (pengingat ) saat pesan baru tiba dengan push notifikasi chat dengan teman-teman atau orang terdekat yang Anda Share, suka, dan mengomentari foto dengan teman Anda. Tersedia di iPhone dan semua smartphone lainnya.
WeChat Download For Android APK Free
WeChat is Chating application that can be used to convey messages in the form of text and also voice built for mobile or smartphone or tablet gadgets including cheap though could use it. 300 million people have used it and continue to grow, and WeChat absolutely free. Instant messaging in your pocket, with chat groups and smiley. Talk faster anywhere with voice messaging and walkie-talkie mode clear voice and video calls. Send photos and videos never been this simple. No need to logout, do not need status online, there is no longer a barrier for your friends to see your message immediately every time it gets a notification (reminder) when a new message arrives with push notifications chat with friends or the people closest to you Share, like , and commented on the photo with your friends. Available in the iPhone and all other smartphone.
WeChat important in using the internet to connect to the network using WiFi, 3G or 4G and other networks are able to connect to the internet, saving quota application WeChat internet so do not be afraid to run this service. To start using WeChat, you must create a user ID and password, which requires you to enter your phone number and four-digit code sent to you via text message. This application will require access to your Address Book. The interface has a very simple design and no ads pops up.
Four navigation buttons at the bottom of the screen: Chat, Contacts, Social, and Settings. Load the chat screen display for your chat list, so you can continue the previous conversation or start a new one by pressing the Magic Wand in the right corner. It's easy to download application WeChat and able to send texts back and forth without any difficulty. Feature Web WeChat to move from iPhone to PC as well well-liked, that just by visiting our site on your PC and scan the QR code using a scanner app. Within seconds, we were ready for a chat with other friends who use WeChat on our PC. If you like, Social feature allows you to look the other WeChat users to initiate chats, or search for your own contacts. There is a menu setting is very easy to update your profile WeChat, adjust privacy settings, and browse the help of the FAQ. Curious downloaded directly ja gan.
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